Challenges for Fundraisers

Challenges for Fundraisers

There are several challenges fundraisers face. This post outlines some of them. Look to future posts for solutions.

Fundraising Operation Costs:

Some sponsorships are paying attention to npos’ ability to run operations, not just dollars that go to programs from fundraising efforts, but also of back-office efficiencies and operations costs to make every dollar go farther. Expectations can be huge when it comes to operational activity.

Investing in New Technology:

It’s said that sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Nonprofits often deal with limited budgets for new donation processing technology. One challenge that keeps some fundraising operations team up at night is budget restraints that they face. How much money can be invested in having the operation up to speed with new technology?

Use of Donor Data:

Today’s the era of Big Data. For many organizations, this is a good thing. Nonprofits, in particular, have many ways to collect donor data and can learn about the interests, preferences and values of the people who fund them. But how integrate this data in a way that makes sense.

Keeping Engaged with Donors:

All nonprofits are operating in competition in a crowded media landscape where lots of different causes, companies, and brands are vying for attention, time, funds, and energy. The challenges of the fundamental need to keep donors engaged in creative new ways presents many sleepless nights for fundraisers.


Sagging Public Trust:

1:3 people express distrust in charities and 4:10 believe nonprofits do not spend their money wisely. With the Clinton Foundation and the Trump Foundation being seen in negative lights in the 2016 election season, earning public confidence will be an on-going challenge for other charities.

Nonprofits can succeed by:

Building credibility with donors, being as transparent as possible, show a strong ROI and cost efficiencies, and find new ways to engage with donors. There is always challenges with this, but in focusing your efforts to improve your fundraising operations, and overcoming these hurdles will become easier.

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