You have a web site, but do you have an app?

In this day and age, most jobs, businesses, and professions have a web site. This ranges from small, independent bands, local churches, NGOs, the cannabis industry, real estate professionals, and international corporations. Even for those that don’t have a fancy web site, they probably have a blog, or Word Press, Blogger, or similar powered site. But do you have an App?

Some people may feel “I have a site, and that is ‘mobile friendly’.” Sometimes it is, but sometimes, things are “lost in translation.” A lot of times, it becomes difficult to even read some “mobile friendly” sites. Even if someone wants to have an App, the costs can be prohibitive.

On a thread on Quora (about the 3rd answer):

1 : A simple iPhone and Android App development (in native) = $ 1,000 to $ 4,000

2 : Database iPhone and Android (in native) = $ 8,000 to $ 50,000

3 : Games can cost (Any platform)= $ 10,000 to $ 250,000

Apple requires an anual fee of $100 to hold an active developer account with them. By this, I mean that they require yearly payment of $100 regardless of whether or not you have an app in the store, and regardless of whether or not you are profitting from your apps. However, this payment does not change with how many apps you have in the store at any given time. They do take thirty percent of all sales, though, for each app.

To publish apps on Google Play – Android – you must pay a one time fee of $25 [1] when you set up your account initially, and thereon out Google, like Apple, takes thirty percent of app sale revenue.

You can also look at this app cost calculator.

“Simple App,” differs from person to person, but an example can be a basic calculator, or notepad like App. For that sort of simplicity, you’re looking at a price tag of at least $1,000. Then, if you’re looking for updates, you’re starting fee is about $50/hour.

We can create your App, depending on what you want, for a base fee of $100 – $400. Your app development isn’t being off-shored. It will be developed by a domestic team, state-side.  You can have the choice of paying a monthly back up of your app, or save money, and do an annual backup (think of it as like the web site hosting fee). The backups allow you to have updates to your app; and your first update, each month, to be free. Additional  updates, depending on the package, starts at $40 for the entire set of updates you place on the order. We even waive the Google developer fee for the Android version of your app!

Here are a few demo apps:

All Starr United Artisans

THE 840

Ekklesia Church of God

Look over Programming Services (after selecting Flash or Non-Flash version of the site), to see the features that are offered for the respective App packages. Also, we are considering, after your second year, to waive additional annual Apple fees for your iOS version of your app.

Feel free to reach out to us, no matter your legal business, for your App needs.



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