Payment Methods Update Coming

Traditionally, we have accepted payments via Pay Pal, as Pay Pal Direct, or Credit/Debit Card. We also charge 2.9% + $.30 transaction fee. These are the fees that Pay Pal Charges.

We are aware, that for various reasons, some people do not like dealing with Pay Pal. Over the years, we’ve had some instances where we haven’t been happy with them, and, currently, will be using 2 other methods.

The first will be Amazon Payments. Like pay pal, we also charge 2.9% + $.30 transaction fee. These are their fees.

We won’t be using Google Wallet, as per their FAQ: “You can use Google Wallet to receive commercial payments if you are doing business as a sole proprietorship. However, you can’t use Google Wallet to collect payments if you are a registered corporation or nonprofit.” We have no interest in sorting out as to yes, or no, otherwise, so won’t include this as an option.

We are looking into other methods, including Square, Stripe, and possible digital/crypto payments.

We will gladly work with escrow, with Safe Funds or Pay Safe. Both have A+ ratings with BBB.

In all cases, whatever the fees are from a 3rd party, will be added to the final fees a client pays for their services they receive.

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