New Services from All Starr United Artisans

We now are offering a new service, App Making. You can find out more about this service on the Programming Page.

We are also looking to refocus efforts from our real estate investing, legal advise, and identity theft protection and restoration endeavors.

As many may know, Identity Theft is a growing concern, with new types of Identity Theft popping up, like:

Child ID Theft: Social Security Numbers Stolen Before Birth!

Driver’s License Theft: YOU could go to jail if your Driver’s License is stolen!

Employment Identity Theft: Wipes Out Your Social Security, and HUGE IRS Bill!

Medical Identity Theft: Mom has authorities threaten to take her kids!

Parents Learn Dead Child’s Identity is Stolen! Tax Identity Theft Problem Growing!

For information on how to deal with these–as opposed to “resolving issues” with the IRS, Social Security, etc., on your own–as well as various legal issues, check out the what can be done to help you!

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