New Baby Boy, and Lots More!

A lot has been going on for All Starr United Artisans, LLC.

First, a very special announcement: my wife and I have had our first child, a wonderful baby boy, Zack. So, while work has been keeping us busy, there hasn’t been a lot of time to actually update the blog, with the newborn, who’s nearing two months!

We continue to do a lot of videos for people having campaigns on crowdfunding sites, mainly Kick Starter, Go Fund Me, and Indiegogo. The following is a brief summary of some of the international groups we have worked with:

  • An organization with an Australian NGO, approved by the Minister for Foreign Affairs,
  • A veteran working to fund a project to help fellow vets who are homeless,
  • A grass roots Super PAC, to raise support for US Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders,
  • A Chicago-land non-profit, aiming to help disadvantaged youth and young adults,
  • A travel agency, helping to bring clean water to tribes in Nigeria,
  • Various professionals and inventors, seeking exposure for their work.

We have also been subcontracting for Pacific Inspections and Index Research, doing inspections on both residential and commercial properties, including using our photo services for the properties.

We are currently working on negotiations for doing promotional pieces for various grass-roots groups who are wanting to support The Green Party, as well as The Libertarian Party.

Finally, we are working on a joint venture with another small business, Odz & Endz, to add the points of a Service-Connected Small Business Owner, with a HUBZone business.

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