New Videos and FaceBook Page

We have redubbed our FaceBook Page.

We have also added a few new videos:

Basic Crowdfunder Explainer for Kickstarter and Indieogogo: 100K United Artisans

Kinetic Text Video for Atlanta real estate investor project. Starts at $5

Char Power GoFundMe Kinetic Text Explainer Video Char is a wonderful woman, who has been fighting Kidney Failure. Please visit the video, and go to her campaign, and give a few dollars, to help out! And if you need a video for your crowdfunding campaign, contact us to help!


Starting to brand

Previously, we have simply gone under “Untied Artisans.” However, with more research over the web, we’ve come across others using this moniker. So, as the disabled veteran who is starting to take this to the next level, focusing on various government contracting, we will be going under All Starr United Artisans, and re-incorporating into an LLC.

We’ll also be working on providing more updates on the Facebook Page, and Twitter, including whenever new projects are complete.

The Flash and Non-Flash versions will also be featuring a new section, political merchandise. This will include various merchandise for various political merchandise. NOTE: We do not hold to any one political view, and merchandise is requested by clients, which we then sell to their respective followers.

Hillary for Prison in 2016 is our first store.